2020 Gift Guide

Brighten up 2020 with exclusive gift bundles and cult faves available at Luxe Look!

Some of these deals will be available for a limited time only during our 24hr Black Friday Sale on the 27th November so get yourselves primed and ready babes! Sign up to the newsletter and we will remind you on the day! 

1. Bperfect Carnival Triple Threat Bundle

All 3 Carnival Palettes in one sexy bundle! Including the Original BPerfect Stacey Marie – The Carnival Palette, BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette, BPerfect X Stacey Marie – Carnival III LOVE TAHITI Palette

Between these 3 palettes you will receive:

Bperfect Carnival Palette Triple Threat Bundle

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2. NEW - Bperfect The Clock Stuck 12

…and she continued to RAVE! The Clock Struck 12 is the ULTIMATE gift for the makeup lover in your life, containing our NEW & EXCLUSIVE BPerfect Manifest Palette, NEW & EXCLUSIVE Universal Lash in style Light On and our ALL TIME FAVES – Perfect Prime Eyeshadow Base & Bad Llama Mascara.

Black Friday Gift Guide P.Louise The Clock Struck 12

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3. Black Friday Exclusive:  P.Louise Crisp n' Contour Bundle

Includes: P.Louise Crisp Finish in Sexy Chilli + P.Louise Contour Brush.

Perfect for our P.Louise addicts! The P.Louise Crisp Finish tear proof formula is quick drying, highly pigmented even on the waterline, and fantastic for use as cut crease, eye liner, body art, lipstick and more. It's seriously an all in one snack with a delicious finish! We highly recommend "Sexy Chilli" – a vibrant teal green, for a stunning pop of colour.

In this bundle we've paired the Crisp Finish with an additional P.louise brush; ‘So Deep With My Contour #662’ is there to not only deepen your contour but to also add depth to the meaning of your makeup life. Our #662 Contour brush will have you questioning what you ever did before it.

Black Friday Gift Guide 2020 P.Louise Crisp N Contour Bundle


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4. Bperfect Bundle - Bring the House Down Trio 

There’s nothing quite like a power trio! Bring The House Down these holidays with this amazing gift set including the NEW & EXCLUSIVE Universal Lashes in style Big Bad Wolf and NEW & EXCLUSIVE Double Glazed Lip Gloss in shade Brick.

Black Friday Gift List P.Louise Bring the House Down

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5. Black Friday Exclusive: SUVA Hydra Liner Bundle

Look out, Black Friday! In this SUVA Bundle you buy 5 for the price of 4!! Only available for our 24 hour Black Friday Sale!

SUVA Beauty Hydra Individual Bundle


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6. Plouise Mirror Mirror Brush Collection

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose causing trouble most of all? Are you a saint or do you sin? Believe in your skill you’re set to win”.The brush bristles within this triple threat set, silky soft but strategically structured, uniquely designed to kill the opposition with a feather like touch. Develop your confidence and perfect your craft in creating the signature P.Louise ‘ultra heavy glam’. Soft, sensual and ready to slay. What will be your weapon of choice?
Contains: 3 x Base Brushes (S/M/L)


Black Friday Gift Guide P.Louise Mirror Mirror Brush Collection

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7. Bperfect Baddest of them All

This gorgeous duo features a BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE shade of our best selling Double Glazed Lipgloss – Berry Bad plus our lash-tastic Bad Llama Mascara for dreamy lips & lashes! 

Black Friday Gift Guide P.Louise Baddest of Them All

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8. Black Friday Exclusive: The SUVA Glow Bundle

Glow up and party on! This Luxe Look exclusive bundle includes SUVA Beauty Brights Palette, SUVA Beauty Dyecut Press on Nails (randomly selected), and free mini Blacklight!

The SUVA Glow Bundle

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 9. Black Friday Exclusive: Bperfect Double Glazed Lipgloss Bundle

Glaze and RAISE your lip gloss game with BPerfect X Stacey Marie Double Glazed Lipgloss. Coat your lips in this high-shine, lustrous & smooth formula for the ULTIMATE glass-like lips.

In this bundle you receive ALL 5 electric shades to complete EVERY Carnival Look!

    Bperfect Double Glazed Bundle Bperfect Double Glazed Lipgloss Bundle 

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    10. Bperfect Carnival III Love Tahiti Palette

    Our top palette pick for the year is without a doubt Bperfect's stunning NEW Tahiti Palette! This is a must have in every makeup junkies kit, so if it hasn't landed in your hands yet be sure to grab it while it's still available! Featuring 40 all new extra bold shades (including matte, metallic, high pigment UV, and duo shift), this Stacey Marie x Bperfect is not to be missed. 

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    Kim and the Luxe Look Team



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